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Our Capabilities incudes Customer segmentation, Omnichannel personalisation, Journey automation, Optimisation and Analytics across Channels such as Web, Mobile, Mobile messaging, Email and Digital ad serving capabilities.

Customer Data Platform

All within a Single Platform

Unifying your customer data and connecting it never before. Built and designed with marketers in mind to improve marketing performance, data integrity, control, and accessibility of marketeer's customer data to transform the customer experience.

Digital Experience & Connectors

Portal, WCM & Third Party Applications

Synchronize customer data across your entire marketing technology ecosystem using integrations natively available in our Platform

Ad Serving platform

SSP Exchange & RTB

Our platform allows access to enormous publisher network thereby ensuring widespread reach for the brands

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Problems We Solve

Today the customer contacts the brand from multiple touch points. Its vital for the brands to offer, engage and personalize in real time, integrating customer service across all channels, including online and offline integration, enrich first party data source and segment the known audience with the unknown prospect in real time for optimal marketing campaign. This we state as our solution statement for marketeer's problem today.

Customer Journey ; Orchestration

Cross channel data ingestion, Integrating customer data across all channels and streamed into the platform for a single customer profile, operationalized for use across other departments and systems.
Driving contextual marketing as user experiences as anonymous data plays an important and direct role in the increasingly anonymous era.

About Us

aDz meter is a customer engagement platform for enterprise companies and is customized for various business verticals.
aDz meter gives a comprehensive view of the customer data which is the foundation for customer-centric marketing transformation. Through a single view of customers across all channels we understand customer online behavior through our real-time APIs to orchestrate personalized experiences across all touchpoints. We revitalize and fine tune your customer journey orchestration giving the edge to know your customers both the known and anonymous visitors in their path to profile building.


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