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Ad Format

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ad format

Desktop Advertising

Choose from a wide range of display ad formats to make your advertising noticeable, relevant and engaging, yet unintrusive.


Stardard format
Standard ad units like png, gif, and flash animation.


Expandable format
Banners that expand when you hover over them to show more content. Can be pictures or flash.


interstitial format
A full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage.


pop-under format
Ad formats that open an ad window behind the main browser window.


pop-up format
Ad formats that open an ad window above the main browser window.


corner-peel format
Ads that peel away from the web page corner.

Wallpaper/Skinning Ads/Background

Wallpaper/Skinning Ads/Background
Transparent picture serving as a background for the website.


s push-down format
Displays a banner that unfolds down the site.


footerbar format
Add a customizable banner with social integration to the bottom of a blog or website.


sidekick format
Pushes page content horizontally to the left.

Upper Bar

robotoLight format
Image or flash animation that is placed on the top of the web page, above the website header.

Floating Ad

floating ad
Appears to "float" over the page content on a transparent background layer.

In-Text Ads

in-text ads
Contextual ads attached to specific words in a text.

Native Ads

Ads that seamlessly integrate with page content.

Text Ads

Ads that contain promotional text and a link to the advertisers' website.

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