Get Access to Wide Range of Publishers and Audience Reach.
Ad campaigns that are researched, served, tracked, analyzed and optimized

View ability

Digital ads to make an impact have to be positioned at key places so that it is viewed. At aDz meter we for offer the industry’s best view ability coverage with conversion tracking metrics.

Brand safety

We work closely with publisher & our custom technology enables brand safety for each campaign, and save you from wasted impressions. We can also create custom keyword lists for additional protection

Campaign Analytics

Access in-depth real time campaign reports and data analytics to optimize your marketing spend. Create campaign specific Text or Banner Ads and get to know how the campaign performs. Enables to take action at the right time for optimized performance.

Keyword & Geographic Targeting

Make your ads influence real consumers, our technology enables to customize campaigns with your creative’s served on specific geo location for optimal target reach.

Account Management

aDz meter ad serving platform provides self¬ serve ad management & billing features. It allows easy funds allocation, quick kick-start campaigns and allows top-ups for consecutive campaigns and ability to pause or start campaigns.

Cross Device Tracking

Adzmeter Overview

aDz meter is a leading advertising technology company, Geared toward simplifying the digital ecosystem and making Ad placement a reality for mid-size advertisers and agencies with smaller ad budgets to achieve more relevant, transparent and targeted ads. We also offer dedicated account manager and consultation of campaign specialist.
aDz meter platform offers end-to-end solution with no set up fees. Agencies, advertisers can also leverage its “à la carte” service. aDz meter puts the marketer in control and allows the user to set the budget.


You may create your ads in Text or Banner formats using aDz meter advertising solution and generate top quality leads to your business. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. You can control the target audience of your ads by configuring as many keywords as required. You may target your ads worldwide or filter traffic to your ads by specifying geographical targeting.
Click rates can be configured individually for ads and keywords according to your budget. You may configure click rates of your choice or rely on best minimum click rate suggested by our system. Our system allows you to regulate the ad clicks per day by letting you configure daily budget. You can also pause and resume your ad display anytime. Also track your ad performance using the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods.

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