AdzMeter Ad Exchange Solution

Ad Advertising Exchange For Advertisers, Ad Networks, Agencies & Publishers

Conversion Tracking

Measure the return on investment by the actions taken by visitors after viewing your ads.

Dynamic Creative

Create custom messages to find, engage or retarget visitors with targeting strategies.

Geo Targeting

Target campaigns against country, state, DMA code, zip/postal code, etc.

Frequency Capping

Control the creative exposure for each visitor to engage without annoying them.

Time of Day Targeting

Create a custom time schedule to broadcast your marketing message

Demographic Targeting

Show your custom creative based on the gender and/or age group of the target audience.

Interest Based Targeting

Pick from a list of interest categories relevant for your products/services.

Site Based Targeting

Specify and target sites where you wish to display your creatives.

Reporting and Analytics

Access in-depth account reports and data analytics to optimize your marketing spend.

User Role Management

Assign roles to users to limit or allow access to different sections of the Adadyn platform.

Self Serve Module


  • Know the quality of traffic sources to improve traffic acquistion costs.
  • Numerous targeting options.
  • Support all 3rd party tags (Javascript, URL, Vast, SDK, etc).
  • Get fhe full picture of all spending and performance in comprehensive reports.
  • Manage an unlimited number of campaigns.

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